First HDTV company, a producer and distributor of thematic channels for satellite and cable broadcasting and part of the GS Group holding, was established in St. Petersburg.

It started by broadcasting these initial TV channels: Teleputeshestviya, Vesyoloe TV and Raketa TV, Nochnoy Klub, Zoo TV and Kinopokaz.


Debut of Kinopokaz HD-1 broadcasting in high definition with Dolby Digital sound.

Rebranding of the children’s channel Raketa TV to start broadcasting the first Russian channel for teenagers – Teen TV.


Expansion of the range of HD channels: Kinopokaz HD-2, Teleputeshestviya HD, High Life HD.

Started broadcasting the Okhotnik i Rybolov TV channel.


Started broadcasting the Zagorodniy TV channel.


Launch of Okhotnik i Rybolov HD, a new TV channel for men in a high definition format.


Rebranding of the Teleputeshestviya HD TV channel. As a result, the channel was renamed Teletravel HD and redesigned to broadcast programs about extreme travel and sports.


Launch of new high definition TV channels: the educational channel Eureka HD and the family channel Animal Family HD about wildlife.


Launch of new children's TV channels, Ryzhiy and Ginger HD.

Started broadcasting the Insight UHD TV channel in ultra-high definition standard.


Started broadcasting the web TV channel Okhotnik i Rybolov Int.


Rebranding of several TV channels: Teletravel HD was renamed Priklyucheniya HD, Eureka HD became Evrika HD and Animal Family became V Mire Zhivotnykh.

Launch of the Zagorodniy Int. web TV channel.


Started broadcasting meditative TV channels about Siberian nature: Nasha Sibir and Nasha Sibir 4K.

Rebranding of the Zoo TV channel. The name was rewritten in Cyrillic letters.


Launch of the Mir Vokrug TV channel on the Yandex.Efir platform.

Rebranding of Ginger HD under a new name: Kapitan Fantastika. Kapitan Fantastika became the first children’s adventure TV channel.


Launch of Arsenal, an educational military TV channel.

Started broadcasting eight TV film channels: Nash Kinopokaz, Blokbaster, Nashe Muzhskoe, Pro Lyubov, Hit, Comedy, Tayna, Siesta.

Rebranding of Okhotnik i Rybolov and Rybolov TV channels.

Renamed the TV channel Okhotnik i Rybolov HD to Okhotnik i Rybolov.

Started broadcasting the Insight HD TV channel about popular hobbies, lifestyle, entertainment and action sports.